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We invite you to support our “iPad for Every Special Education Teacher” program to empower Israeli teachers

Athena Fund has approval from the Income Tax Authority for receiving donations under section 46A of the Income Tax Ordinance.

All contributions are dedicated to Athena Fund׳s activities for providing iPads and training to special education teachers for the advancement of their students with special needs.

“The iPad is a tremendous contribution to special education teachers,
and it enables our students to become part of the big wide world.”

Einat Ben-David, Teacher and Computing Coordinator,
Belkind School for Special Education, Rishon Lezion

How can an iPad help children with special needs?

View these short videos (with English subtitles) now!

Yair Levi wants to fulfill a dream by becoming a programmer at the multinational technology company Apple.

Idan Degani, until the age of 9, could not communicate with his parents. Thanks to an iPad, he can now connect with others for the first time.

Ilai Ron Rabinovich fulfilled his dream to enlist in the IDF, thanks to his teacher who received an iPad.

Watch the moving speech (in Hebrew) by Hagit Ron Rabinovich, Ilai's mother, on the importance of the "iPad for Every Special Education Teacher" program.

Watch how children with special needs work with the iPad at schools in Rishon Lezion

Uri Ben-Ari, Athena Fund President & Founder

Special education teachers have joined efforts to change the fate of some 190,000 students with special needs, enabling them to improve their digital skills and communicate with their families. Based on donations, Athena Fund's "iPad for Every Special Education Teacher" program enables the gifting of iPads to special education school and kindergarten teachers in Israel.


The use of the iPad opens a window into the inner world of special needs students, helping them improve both their learning and their quality of life. In addition, the iPad improves interpersonal communication with teachers, family and the environment, allowing students to better cope with their difficulties.


I thank you in advance for your willingness to help our efforts to empower special education teachers and to give special children an opportunity to learn, communicate and work in the future.

About Athena Fund

Athena Fund (a non-profit organization) was established in 2006 in order to promote the empowerment of teachers in Israel by providing them with tools for self-fulfillment and professional advancement. Named after the Goddess of Wisdom in Greek mythology, Athena was founded by several prominent business leaders under the direction of President Uri Ben-Ari (CEO of UBA Ventures and former Executive VP of Ness Technologies).


Athena Foundation provides special education teachers with an iPad computer and a 120-hour training program to enable special needs students to better communicate with their teachers, families and environment, and better integrate into society at large.


Teachers equipped with a digital toolbox can expose their students to the wonderful world of advanced technology and online learning materials, while helping them reduce educational gaps and improve social skills.


For additional information:

Telephone: +972-3-677-5004/3


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